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The Elephant Amenity Network has been in existence since March 2009 when a new “Elephant & Castle Regeneration Charter for Community Inclusion and a Better Quality of Life for All” was  launched by local people and businesses. Since that time we have been organising a coalition of local groups and people that includes Council tenants, leaseholders, shopkeepers or market traders or amenity groups (who wish to preserve local open spaces and parks). From this we hope to be able to present a more united voice from the local community about what we think and desire from the millions of pounds of regeneration that seems destined to happen at The Elephant and in other places close by in North Southwark.

Although we are not against regeneration of the local areas, we remain critical of the plans so far and point up both the loss of local public housing, open spaces and small shops and also the lack of real information on the ground about the Council and the private developers (LendLease) plans.

The Elephant Amenity Network was formed on the basis of support for three points that we made in the Amenity Charter:

Principle 1: Open Masterplanning
For Southwark Council, and its development partners, to operate an “open masterplan” policy. That is, to enter into a development process for the site that is democratic and actively involves the local community

Principle 2: Benefits for All
To extend the benefits of the regeneration to the existing population.

Principle 3: Housing that really is Affordable
50% of all Elephant & Castle housing developments must be social rented by unit, with half the remaining homes intermediate, half for sale. 75% of all Early Housing sites should be social rented by unit, with the remainder intermediate, as based on the original tender.

You can read the full Charter on our home page here!


Elephant Amenity Network holds open meetings on the third Tuesday of every month in Walworth

All welcome!

Download our poster from here!

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