Rubber stamped!

At just after midnight, Lend Lease’s outline planning application for the Heygate site was approved by the planning committee by four votes to two and one abstention.

The 50 seats at the hearing that were offered to locals were a highly visible demonstration of the lack of understanding shown by council officers of the interest and concern that the local community is showing in the proposals for the Heygate site. In fact at least twice the number of seats were needed, with some of the applicant’s agents (including from Soundings and MAKE) occupying seats that could have been taken by local residents and voters.

This meant that a large number of local residents were not permitted to join the meeting for over three hours, held outside by security staff, and therefore unable to hear their officers explain their decision to rubber-stamp the outline application, as shown here in a photo by Matt Cole:

There were silent protests inside:


An independent view of the whole event is set out here:

It concludes “So councillors now depend on Lend Lease reassurances. Can Lend Lease find the money to deliver the scheme during the next decade likely to be dominated by fiscal austerity and overshadowed by economic uncertainty? Southwark residents won’t politically forgive councillors if the loss of 1,200 Heygate council homes ends with stalled development and silent building sites surrounded by hoardings.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Huge thank you to Walworth SE17 ( for reporting the evening live blow by blow.




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  • Donnachadh McCarthy  On January 16, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Ugly Corpotocracy Southwark style…

    Last night I attended Southwark Council’s Planning Meeting. I went as I had submitted an objection to there being no segregated cycle path included in a planning application for a new massive regeneration project in the Elephant & Castle to replace the Heygate Estate.

    This is what happened…..

    When the meeting in public started we were told:

    There was no filming allowed.
    There was no photography allowed.
    There was no recording allowed.
    Likewise the press present were told the same.
    Project supporters/developers were given 53 minutes for formal presentations.
    3 speakers for objectors were given 5 minutes to make formal presentation.
    I had not known it but local residents angry with the proposals about an hour into the meeting in a very dignified silent protest lifted sheets of paper indicating their concerns about the project.
    The Labour Councillor chairing the meeting immediately halted it and demanded that the silent people who had peacefully raised the sheets immediately remove them or they would be removed from the meeting.
    Angry at this I stood up and with my phone camera and started taking pictures.
    The chair immediately ordered and kept shouting at me to stop taking pictures.
    He ordered the security guards to evict me from the meeting.
    I refused to stop taking pictures of the silent protest.
    The silent protesters refused to lower their sheets of paper.
    The chair ordered the room cleared of the public.
    I argued that the public had a right to hear the planning application.
    Chaos ensued for a while but eventually the protesters lowered their sheets of paper and meeting resumed.
    I was told afterwards by a member of the public who could not get into the packed meeting that the leader of the Council Peter John had called the police and they arrived as the meeting resumed.

    This is what the protesters were angry about:
    The Planning Application was for what was the Heygate Estate an area of 1,100 council homes built in late seventies at the Elephant.

    The then Lib Dem council decided 12 years ago to “Regenerate” the area and so evicted the local families living in the area with the promised right of return.

    But last night the 4 Labour councillors who were the majority approved an application to develop the site from an international development corporation Lend Lease that:

    1. Instead of 1,100 new social housing units included only 71. So no right of return for over 1,000 families.
    2. Instead of social housing, 2,400 private luxury apartments to be built instead.
    3. Instead of building human scale housing, the supposed brutal ugly Heygate which had at maximum 12 storey blocks, is to be replaced with a plethora of massive tower-blocks up to 30 storeys tall.
    4. The council has a policy of requiring 20% renewables in new buildings. The developer proposed ZERO and it was granted.
    5. The council has a policy of zero car parking in developments at major transport hubs. The developers proposed 600 car parking spaces and it was granted.
    6. The council has a policy of requiring space for cycling in new developments. The developers proposed zero meters of segregated cycle paths and it was granted.
    7. The new roads and footpaths in the development are to be privatised.
    8. Existing public park is to be replaced with a privatised park.
    9.The council has a policy of protecting existing tree canopies. The developer proposed to fell 286 trees (70% of the existing mature tree canopy) and it was granted.
    10. The council is to pay the developers demolition costs of £15 million ( would build 60 council homes).

    What is the point of having elected councillors or a planning department when they collude to destroy our communities and trash our environment?

    On a plus side I was amazed at the depth of knowledge and concern about a whole range of environmental and community issues displayed in the written objections.

    An amazing 107 individuals and three local community groups had written in demanding cycle paths.

    Numerous people had objected to the lack of renewable energy and the massive waste of embedded carbon in the existing 40 year old council homes which surveyors had judged to be of sound construction.

    I got to sleep very very late as I was hugely disturbed at what I had experienced unexpectedly.

    This is not “regeneration” but community and environmental destruction….

    Corpotocracy in action is very close to a very unpleasant form of free-market fascism…

    Donnachadh McCarthy

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