Public Meeting 18th October 2012 about Lend Lease’s Phase 1 Heygate planning application

Southwark Mediation Centre have organised a public meeting on Thursday 18th October (7pm at Myrrh Education, Flint Street Training Centre, 1 Flint Street, London SE17 1QD).

Please come and join the debate and put your questions to those involved.

Simon Hughes MP and Peter John, leader of Southwark Council, are attending and we hope Lend Lease are too.

The questions to be discussed will include:

1. Council: can community have copies of newly commissioned Light study? Southwark Mediation Centre [SMC] to go with LL to make information request to Council

2. Council: Community would like a reduction in density. Are there any other areas where you could achieve the required density (i.e. outside of phase 1 development)?

3.  Council: ask Council if employees in charge of S.106 can be present at next meeting?

4. Council: is the £1.8m in the s.106 part of the Planning Application & is it part of the Viability Report? The community would like a breakdown of this amount and for this information to be publically accessible

5. Council: can Viability Assessments be made more transparent, without compromising the process, because it is generating a lot of mistrust?

6. Council: Public land being turned in to private spaces. What can the Council ‘give back’ to the community?

7. Council: how many trees with heritage value are to be felled? What is Council policy?

8. Politicians: ask them what are their requirements for no. of properties (density) on Phase 1?

9. Politicians: ask about Planning Policy – how much responsibility do Politicians have for this?

10. LL to respond formally with responses to questions, within a week

11.  LL said they will come back to the Community with further info. regarding Waste Disposal and how often and where waste collection will occur.

12.  LL:  what are the ‘other factors’ that can account for the change in affordable housing from 35% to 25%, in addition to: (1) the cut of the grant subsidy from s106 schemes and (2) the strategic transport contributions?

The EAN meeting due Tuesday 16th has been postponed  to Tues 23 Oct.

As well as this there is also the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting Monday 15 Oct 2012 7pm Council Offices 160 Tooley St SE1 2QH, when EAN representatives will be making a presentation about the financial viability of the regeneration. Public are permitted in the public gallery and please attend if you can.  The item is first on the agenda, so will be taken early in the meeting.

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