The Crown Brandon Street SE17 1AL – valued local amenity to close on 1st May

We have recently learnt that the owners of the Crown, Terramek Ltd, have chosen to close the Crown despite strong local demand. They lost the planning argument for houses and offices on the site in 2010 but are now trying another tack.

The last day for the pub will be the 1st of May, Sunday, with a photocall at 2pm

Please come, and invite others, to celebrate 130 years of our local pub and to mourn how easy it is for developers who target pubs to close down community facilities.

Pubs get no specific protection at all under Southwark’s planning system. Despite the huge character and potential of the Crown, demolition will always remain a quicker way to get rich as the system stands.

We fear the building is now likely to be left either empty or gutted and empty for some time.

The battle for this characterful pub, which is on the draft Southwark Local List, will continue.

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  • Ken  On April 22, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    So many other uses for these fantastic establishments than developers dreams. A community crèche for animals where the locals can also meet to socialise too.

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