Save The Crown Campaign, Brandon St


Curious as to what we mean by ‘amenities’ in Elephant Amenity Network? Here’s a big clue!

Taken from the Save The Crown Campaign website here.

“The Crown, a much loved local boozer is threatened by developers who wish to bulldoze and rebuild with 9 flats at huge profit to themselves and huge loss to the people of Walworth. This Group has been set up to gather together all who those who think that this is wrong.

Please feel free to add your thoughts, memories, pictures. Particularly looking for old stories relating to the pub. The Crown has been at the heart of Walworth life for over 120 years, she deserves better”.

Southwark News ran a story on December 9th 2010:

‘The latest campaign to save yet another local pub in Southwark will no doubt win the backing of all the political parties – but if past campaigns are anything to go by it will fail.

Already local Labour politicians have been quick to rally behind the protesters trying to stop the demolition of their beloved backstreet boozer The Crown.

The London Assembly Member Val Shawcross and ward councillor Darren Merrill are scared that this will be mark the end of real London pubs.

The campaign to save The Crown on Brandon Street in Walworth which is still popular with regulars has added emphasis as it is one of Southwark’s most historic pub.

London CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) chair Jane Jephcote said of The Crown “We do not know of a better example of Brewery Tiling in London.”

It is now a well now fact that this borough has seen more pubs close their doors than anywhere else in the country over the last thirteen years.

One hundred and ten boozers – almost a third – have shut since 1997, according to Treasury figures compiled by the Conservative Party during the election’.

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